News Post 2

Chris Griesedieck

News Post 2

18 February 2014

“Is the texting and driving ban being enforced?”  Birmingham, AL.  This is an article written on February 17 by Mike McClanahan, on the CBS 42 news website,  It includes a short video and the story in words underneath.  First, It was difficult for me to determine whether or not there is a storytelling structure in place.  I think it is most likely structured by interviews.  McClanahan looked at how police have responded to the ‘no texting while driving’ ban.  The two important people giving quotes in this article are Jim Coker, Hoover Police Captain, and Curtis Summerville, an Alabama state trooper.  I observed that the first quote includes four (short) sentences.  With the quotes being relatively long and of substance, it is obvious to me that interviews make this story work.  They are the center or main focus.

One source is used and cited, the Alabama dept. of public safety.  The author often says phrases such as “according to the U.S. Department of Transportation…”  This makes me believe it is a source to be cited as well.  The quotes definitely made the story more effective.  It seems critical to find out how Police have responded to such a ban as no texting while driving, because they are the authoritative figures.  Cops are the ones giving out the tickets, so without their quotes, this story wouldn’t be as informative, detailed, or credible.  I want to always read unbiased articles like this one.  Next, the writing is very clear.  I like the bullet points near the top of the story, with the certain police departments who have reported writing any citations.  The numbers are listed there too.  These bullet points made this part of the story easy and clear to read for me, instead of just listing the names of the police departments in order across the page.

The story does not seem to be in favor of a particular side.  The author simply tells the story how it is, with facts and quotes.  The writer’s conclusions are indeed supported by interviews and facts.  McClanahan takes what the police said, applying their words to drivers and what it means for them.  Not only could drivers get a ticket and points off their license, but also be putting themselves in danger.  It’s best to put down the phone while driving, unless you have to make an emergency phone call.  It is not illegal to use your cell phone in the car, the policeman said.  One could potentially be putting someone else’s life in danger by taking his or her eyes off the road for just four seconds to send a text.  Again, all of this information is supported by facts and interviews from the police and department of transportation/public safety.


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