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I thought the film group did an excellent job yesterday, especially for being the first ones to present.  I learned many new facts about the history of film and current job market/occupations.  Jurassic Park was one of the first movies to use special effects, where dinosaurs come to life.  Toy Story was one of the first movies to use animated scenes, with cartoon character who speak.  Actors aren’t needed for these films, just their voices.  People are able to see the world through film.  I didn’t realize how much more there is to the film industry besides making movies.  There’s a lot more that goes into it than I realized.  Different kinds of film include movies, magazine promo, commercials, tutorials, wedding videos and music videos.  As a JMC major, i do not see myself concentrating in film production, however, it helps to understand better what the industry does.  It helps to now know what career options are available and how movies are made, etc.

Movie directors and producers are the ones who make the most in salary earnings.  Under them, you have consume designers, camera operators, editors, make-up artists, stunt coordinators, and supervisors who all contribute to movie production.  Storytelling is the most important skill set when it comes to film making.  It’s interesting how the film industry is declining, because of the invention of Netflix.  People can watch movies at home instead of going to the theater.

This group also did a great job at presenting the local and national film agencies.  Most of these companies do take interns, which is good to know!  Overall, my view of film changed after this presentation.  I learned that film editing takes forever.  Excellent use of showing clips and videos   during the presentation.


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