Climb for Kevin, News post #5

Chris Griesedieck

This special report was written by Mark Prater in Birmingham, AL and published on February 25, 2014.

Similar to most (if not all) reports on CBS 42, this one seemed to be structured by interviews.  The person providing most of the quotes in the article was sportscaster, Rachel Baribeau, who traveled to Africa to climb a mountain with nine others in support of their cause.  The other interviewer was Craig Sanderson.  Craig knew all about how ALS impacted the lives of those who were afflicted with ALS.  In my opinion, most of the important information in this report occurs at the beginning.  It tells the reader why this group of people is going to climb this mountain, and when, etc.  They wanted to raise money for the Kevin Turner foundation, a non-profit organization named after a former NFL player who suffered from ALS.  The very first sentence or two pretty much summarized the article altogether.  I did not see any sources cited in this article.    


Next, the quotes definitely were affective to the story.  It was necessary to interview Craig because Kevin Turner is one of his closest friends and former college roommate.  His input was extremely important and without his quotes, the author’s report isn’t as supported or credible.  As Craig stated, “We are trying to raise awareness because many people don’t know what ALS is.”  I am one of those people.  I had never heard of ALS before I read this special report.  Likewise, Baribeau is making the journey to another continent to raise this money, so her quotes add to the story in an important way.  She was able to share her inspiration that came from Kevin’s sincerity and courage while facing this terrible disease.  I, myself as the reader can also be inspired just from viewing this report. 


I was very impressed with the way this was written.  Everything was clear and very understandable.  Again, I really like when videos are displayed at the top of the page because that helps me put a visual picture to the words written below.  No super fancy (unfamiliar) vocabulary words were used.  I liked how the author carefully placed the quotes on the page.  I never saw a bunch of quotes crammed together; they were equally spread out as I read down.  In between those quotes, the author had a signal or lead in phrase, plus a sentence after the quote to re-state/paraphrase it or summarize the quote.  I think the balance of using quotes with the author’s statements were great.  To reiterate, the writer’s conclusions were absolutely supported by interviews and facts.   


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