News Post 6

“Blind wrestlers work hard to overcome obstacles” was written by Chris Womack and published on February 16.  This story seemed to be structured by interviews.  Ryan King and Wesley Baker are two teens who were born blind, but that hasn’t stopped them from working hard on the wrestling mat.  They were the two people being interviewed.

The author provided a nice balance of using quotes and his own sentences as lead ins.  He puts the right amount of quotes in the story.  These quotes from the two blind wrestlers definitely were effective to the story.  They engage the reader and give the story some emotion.  Through quotes, I felt as though I could relate better to Ryan and Wesley’s situations.  I could sympathize with them and also apply this to my own life.  I take my eyesight for granted without realizing it.  This story would not be the same if it weren’t for inspirational, important interviews/quotes.  I didn’t see any outside sources cited in this article.

I did not feel as though the author was favoring one side while writing the story.  It seemed unbiased to me.  I was more informed of the disabilities that are present in our society and unfortunate limitations that some people are faced with.  However, despite those limitations, the two guys have shown that they are still going to live their lives and be the best they can be.

I didn’t even know blind wrestling existed.  I didn’t know how blind people would be able to perform such an intense physical activity.  That’s why I thought the writer’s story was so interesting and inspiring.  The author’s conclusions were supported by quotes from the blind wrestlers.  It wasn’t as if Chris Womack was making claims that he couldn’t back up.  While the article was fairly short, I found the author’s writing to be easy to understand.  Clarity and simplicity were present, but it wasn’t boring at all.  Something about the author’s writing kept me engaged and curious to read more.



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