Reflection of Ad Group Presentation


This presentation got off to a terrific start.  Playing the logos game and giving candy to the person who first guesses correctly was a terrific way to get the class involved and interested.  I had heard of some of the logos that appeared on the screen, while there were others that I was unfamiliar with.

Advertising is not my JMC career track, however, I do find some parts of it to be quite interesting.  I learned that advertising includes much more than just making posters and logos.  There are 5 main areas of advertising jobs.  Some of these are account planning, account management (behind the scenes), and creative (art director, supervisor, illustrator, copywriter, etc.).  The creative jobs are interesting to me, and a lot of jobs also allow the use of social media, which I use everyday.  Ads have changed over the years through social media and by mobile phones.  Ads appear on my phone frequently.

Furthermore, I thought this group did an excellent job of presenting the local, regional, and national companies where people can get internships.  If I change my mind and want to concentrate in advertising, I now know that Hip Brand Group and City Vision, Inc. are two possible places to start, here in Birmingham.  One question I wanted to ask but forgot was:  how does marketing differ from advertising?  A lot of principles and ideas seem to be the same between ads and marketing.  Marketing must be more of the business side of things.  Overall, I thought this group did well and I learned things about potential advertising jobs and media that I didn’t know before.


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