News Post 7

Chris Griesedieck

This news article is written by Parrish Alleman and published today, April 1, in Birmingham, AL. It’s relatively short, but I found the topic of vehicle break-ins to be very interesting. I did not find any sources cited in this article.

Parrish Alleman states that she had spoken with police officers in Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, and Trussville about car break-ins. Cars are being left unlocked. This is happening in neighborhoods in those areas. It’s difficult for me to determine whether this story is told with the inverted pyramid or delayed lead storytelling structure. I would say this it’s structured by interviews, however, there is only one person interviewed. Lt. Brian Gilham of the Vestavia Hills Police provides a short quote that I believe adds an important part to the story. His quote is effective because he is an officer that investigates car break-ins. He has the job of making sure people feel safe and ensure all possible cautions to prevent break-ins from happening. He is an important person to include in this story.

Although there are not that many words on the page, I still think the writing is pretty clear and understandable. I was able to focus on the video that appeared above the words, and this helped me to understand the story better. I suppose what makes the writing clear is that this story is something that I can relate to. I haven’t had anyone break into my car, but I am now more familiar with the importance of locking your car doors and not leaving any valuables in vehicles. I can experience what this story is talking about on a regular basis when I go to public places like stores and restaurants. The author also did not use any big words that I didn’t know the meaning of. It’s evident to me that Parrish Alleman’s conclusions were supported by interviews and facts. While only one police officer is interviewed in the story, I know that she gathered information from multiple officers from all over the city. The article says that according to officers, 80% of the car break-ins they investigate happened because the cars were unlocked. That is a known fact. I don’t think anything else could help the writing.

The author’s writing does not seem unbalanced to me. In my opinion, she is not in favor of a particular side. She is just telling the story how it is.


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