News Post #8

Chris Griesedieck

 “Picking up the pieces after the flood” was written by CBS 42 news reporter, Parrish Alleman in Homewood, Alabama. It was published today, Tuesday, April 8. I did not discover any sources used in this article. I would say that most of the important stuff takes place near the end of the story. This must be the inverted lead storytelling structure. I wouldn’t say the article was structured by interviews or sub-topics. The rescue boats that rescued people from their apartments was an important fact that occurred later in the story.

This was a short article, but included information that kept me interested. These Homewood apartments are located very close to Samford. I have several friends who live over in the area and I noticed some pictures posted on social media where you could barely see the cars! That’s what made the writing clear and understandable, in my opinion. Even though I live on campus, I felt impacted by this story and was glad when those people were rescued. The writer only included words that I knew, which also helped me understand clearly. I thought that the few short quotes made by certain female residents added to the story because of the emotion in their voices. It wouldn’t be the same story without asking people questions who were rescued by boats or saved from a serious flood. To me, quotes have always been effective, in every story that I’ve read. I did my best to relate to what they were experiencing.  

 The writer’s conclusions were supported by facts and interviews. Now, no long, important quotes were provided, but a few women residents of the flooded apartments gave a brief sentence or two about the rescue boats and such. The rescue crews used boats to rescue 120 people from their apartments on Monday morning, that is a known fact. Parrish Alleman was right there where the flooding had taken place, so I, as the viewer, saw evidence that she wasn’t making anything up. The video showed her where the water had risen so high that cars were floating and one trailer rested against the window of a car. I did not think that this story seemed biased or in favor of a particular side. I would love to tell a story about a flood someday, such as this story by Parrish Alleman.


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