Reflection of Social Media Presentation

I thought this group did an excellent job.  I obviously knew things about social media before their presentation, but I previously knew very little about the job market, history, and stereotypes of social media.  I didn’t think you could make a living by working for Instagram, for example.  It brings all sorts of questions to mind about how they actually create these websites and apps.  A person doesn’t make money by posting things on social media and working for that media.  As far as I know, all use of social media is free.  How you make money is by building trust and relationships with people, and a few other things that come with working for Facebook or YouTube.  Social media is used as a marketing tool.  We live in a social media world, and it’s growing.

I definitely find the topic of social media to be interesting; how it works, the jobs available, etc.  A job specializing in social media doesn’t appeal to my interests right now.  However, this could change in the future.  While working for a social media website such as Facebook or Twitter would not be my dream job, I could see myself doing it because I use these social media websites daily.  I enjoy social media by trying to limit myself to about 2 hours a day, and no more.  I feel much more educated and informed of social media and its job offerings after viewing this excellent presentation.

A couple statistics stood out to me the most, one of which includes that 18-34 year olds spend, on average, 3.8 hours a day on social media.  Some grandparents probably use Facebook a lot because they’re retired and have nothing else to do.  We are young, busy college students who might actually be bringing those numbers of hours down.  It’s crazy how kids under 10 have Facebook!  I didn’t get Facebook until I was 15.

Social media stereotypes include podcast, email, blog, mobile devices, and personalized web pages.  Radio is not considered a stereotype.  I learned that Google was created in 1998.  Without google, I wouldn’t be able to find most of the information that I can today.  It’s truly incredible.  I also learned that there are enough places in the Birmingham area that do offer social media internships.  B.A.M. Events is located in the area, as well as regional places such as Simple Helix in Huntsville, AL.  Skills required are:  be a strong verbal communicator and writer, organizational skills, be familiar with computers and software, and prior experience in journalism and marketing communications helps.  Some various jobs include a blogger, community manager, content-marketing manager, and a social media manager.  PR firms offer social media jobs too.  Bloggers spend hours each day at their computers.  I’d personally rather be more active and moving instead of staring at a screen all day.  Overall, well done ladies.


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