Reflection of PR Group Presentation

First, I had to ask myself the same question they asked us at the beginning:  what really is PR??  I had an idea, but couldn’t exactly put it into words.  All I knew was pretty obvious, that it’s relating/communicating to the public.  I learned that PR includes storytelling and  relationships between a company and its customers.  Companies have direct relationships with consumers through internet technology and the immediate reactions that happen through social media.  Social media is a more recent trend of PR.  

PR is a growing field.  Within certain job fields, a person working for a PR firm might make PSAs, do interviews, press releases, and a crisis communication.  While reflecting more on this excellent presentation, I remembered what Allie and Mary Margaret said about the necessary skills required to work in the field of public relations.  It’s important to have experience with social media and technology, as well as possessing knowledge on how to formulate stories.  Also, having good interpersonal skills are a must.  

While I’m not currently interested in the PR track within the JMC major here at Samford, it’s good to keep an open mind and learn about all the concentrations.  If I were to work for a PR firm, I’d probably choose corporate PR as opposed to agency, government, or non-profit PR.  Corporate PR most often means working for a business and the pay is good at normal hours.  Agency PR is the most stressful track.  An individual must be very passionate about what he/she does in order to work for a non-profit PR organization, such as Habitat for Humanity.  Salaries for non-profit PR are low, but individuals do something different everyday.  In conclusion, I was interested in what this group had to say about the current job market for public relations.  A local agency includes O2 Ideas here in Birmingham, where our class visited last week.  Regional PR firms are located in Atlanta, GA.  APCO Worldwide, in Washington D.C. is one example of a National PR firm.  


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