News Post #10

4/22/14 by Chris Griesedieck.

     Sebastian Posey wrote this story on April 21, 2014.  However, Mike McClanahan of CBS42 news did the live reporting from St. Clair County, Alabama.  I did not notice any sources cited in the article.  I’d say that the really important information in the story is stated at the beginning.  The location, time of the drowning, and everything I needed to know was said in the first sentence or so.  A man and his wife were on a fishing boat.  Somehow they both ended up in the water, and she made it safely to shore but he was not found.  More details followed on the police officer’s investigation.  But overall, I learned the important stuff at the beginning.  I would not say that this story was structured by interviews, considering that there was only one.    

     The investigators, desperately trying to find a drowning victim, were interviewing potential witnesses, according to McClanahan.  No potential witnesses were shown in the video, though.  Undersheriff Billy Murray, with the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office, had this to say:  “Well we’ve had varying reports of some people that may’ve saw some boaters in distress and then some people that weren’t quite sure but they did see something.  So we’re kind of deciphering through that now.”  This was the only quote used in the story.  I believe it added to the story because a man from the sheriff’s office spoke the words.  If it was anyone near the lake, it wouldn’t have been as affective.  Police or sheriff’s are the right ones to interview in this situation.  It’s their job to search for the missing guy and discover the details of the incident.  I always like hearing what police have to say because they do their best to keep our country safe and protected.  They want to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, if there’s anything people can do to be more cautious.    

     I definitely thought the writing and speaking (in the video) was understandable.  No big words were used that I didn’t understand.  The reporter’s confidence and appropriate tone/volume of voice made it clear for me to know what he was saying.  I did not think that the story was in favor of a particular side.  It seemed pretty balanced to me.  Also, it helps me whenever there is a video because I’m a visual learner.  It helps me picture the scene as I get a clear idea of where the incident took place, when, etc.  McClanahan reported the facts and Posey wrote down the facts.  I know that McClanahan’s conclusions were supported by facts as he often said:  “investigators say…”  One fact that he said was the river’s depths range from 6-60 feet, at various parts.  The search will continue and more will come on this story later, if they find the man.  


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