Restaurant Reviews

Which Wich has a convenient location in Homewood and is also at the Summit.

Which Wich has a convenient location in Homewood and is also at the Summit.

When it comes to food, I like to compare some of my favorite restaurants.  As I choose my meals carefully, I think of every  detail that comes to mind.  The quality of the food is the most important aspect when choosing where to eat meals, but I also look at the atmosphere and cleanliness of restaurants, as well as the variety of menu options.

Now I’m no food critic, but I sure want to be.

It is guaranteed that I will finish my undergrad degree at Samford University in Birmingham.  I’m expected to graduate next spring (May 2016).  Thus, I will spend a good portion of this upcoming year analyzing and critiquing the area’s best dining options.

Personally, my favorite places to grab a sandwich and a bag of chips for lunch are Which Wich (in Homewood) and Jimmy John’s.  A new Jimmy John’s location has opened up on Highway 31 in Vestavia.  This spot is much more convenient for a Samford student like myself than to have to drive to the Jimmy John’s by the Rare Martini and University Blvd.

While Momma Goldberg’s Deli is another stellar choice in Homewood, I prefer to eat at Which Wich and Jimmy John’s for a few reasons.

1.) The bread

There’s something about the bread at Jimmy John’s that tastes better than the bread at Momma G’s.  It’s always fresh.

To me, part of the issue is that Mama G’s sandwiches don’t fill me up because of their smaller size.  Don’t get me wrong – Momma G’s still tastes great and their nachos with peppers are to die for.  But, the way that JJ’s white bread and Which Wich’s toasted hoagies taste puts them over the edge.  You get more for what you pay for at Jimmy John’s and Which Wich. My mouth truly savors every bite and I would choose them over Momma G’s any day.

2.) Menu Options

At Jimmy John’s, I usually order the #11 Country Club with a side of BBQ Jimmy Chips.  This combination of cold meat with a crunchy, tangy chip flavor is unbeatable.  The menu includes seven sandwiches that are 8 inches and 11 giant club sandwiches.  If I’m ever craving something besides the country club, I know that I have a lot to choose from.  Not to mention that the Jimmy John’s workers are freaky fast.  I’ll have my sandwich in hand within a minute after handing the cashier my debit card to swipe.  Truthfully, it takes about 30 seconds!  Jimmy John’s makes up for not having toasted sandwiches on their menu by their super speedy delivery.

Which Wich takes longer to get you your food, but that’s due to their unique system of ordering.  Common sense tells you that it takes longer to toast sandwiches.  Customers at Which Wich use sharpies and brown paper bags to describe exactly how they wants their sandwich.  Everything from condiments to veggies to cheeses and even dressings is listed on the bag.  All you have to do is fill in the bubbles and write your name at the bottom.  They’ll make it exactly how you want it.  I love how I have the choice of getting a hot sandwich or a cold sandwich.  Plus, there’s three size options for Which Wich superior sandwiches:  small, medium, or large.  The medium size of 10.5 inches is enough to leave me feeling satisfied and not too full.

3.) Atmosphere and General Cleanliness

I can say with confidence that I’ve never eaten at a Which Wich or Jimmy John’s that is dirty.  Each gourmet location keeps their bathrooms, tables, chairs and booths clean and up-to-date.  Jimmy John’s and Which Wich also give customers the option of ordering online.  Who doesn’t love the idea of ordering quickly using their smartphone or laptop while they’re tied up at the office!?  Additionally, I have the choice of eating inside or outside on the patio at both restaurants.  Momma G’s, however, doesn’t have room to eat outside.

I’ll admit that I can be a picky eater.  In my opinion, the right amount of mustard or mayonnaise can really make or break a sandwich.  I’m a mayonnaise guy.  I can’t eat a dry sandwich.  I haven’t been disappointed by Which or Jimmy John’s.  It’s a good thing that they’re both chain restaurants!  I can eat there whether I’m at home or traveling.  I consistently leave Jimmy John’s and Which Wich as a happy customer.  To the owners of both restaurants, I say well done and keep up the excellent work. They serve  the tastiest sandwiches in town.  I will continue to dine at both places for many years to come.


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