Northeast Nourishment

Spring Break 2016 featured new cities and new dining experiences


Philly cheesesteaks, red picnic tables, a pretty skyline and basketball.  That’s the common scene at the intersection of 9th Street, Wharton Street, and Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia.  This is where 13 close friends and I ate dinner one night last week.

With a fading sunset and the skyline in the background, several teens enjoy outdoor basketball at Capitolo Playground right across the road.  While the setting is pleasing to the eye, it’s the cheesesteak sandwiches that really make this spot a favorite among locals and tourists.

My Philly cheesesteak at Pat’s King of Steaks was probably the tastiest sandwich I’ve ever had.  It was definitely my favorite meal of our east coast road trip.  The combination of meat, cheese, bread and onions made my mouth water and wanting more.  I highly recommend dining at Pat’s if you are ever in the Philly area.



The famous Pat’s Philly Cheesesteak with american cheese and onions.

If you see that the line for Pat’s is too long, don’t worry.  Try Geno’s Steaks across the street.  Unless you’re not a fan of the best Philly cheesesteaks, you won’t leave Pat’s or Geno’s disappointed.  If you don’t like them then we can’t be friends.   Bring cash when you go.

To learn more about Pat’s, the inventor of cheesesteak sandwiches, visit there website


While my favorite meal took place in Philadelphia, my friends and I explored our options in every city we traveled to.


If you haven’t tried pizza in New York City, you’re missing out.  There’s just something about pizza on the east coast.  It’s different than you’re typical Papa John’s, Domino’s or Pizza Hut (I like all of these places).  You have to experience it to taste the difference.

I liked the crust we had in NYC better than anywhere else because it was both crispy and soft at the same time.  This crust was baked to perfection.  Additionally, the Italian cheese on top wasn’t coated in grease.  So rather than feeling like collapsing on the coach after inhaling it, this pizza enabled me to continue strolling around in the Big Apple at a brisk pace.

While stopping for pizza in New York, you’ll find very large pieces to be filling.  One or two slices will be enough to satisfy.  It’s ready in 10 minutes or less!






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